Protecting your computer systems from the theft of or damage to their hardware, software, and electronic data (including valuable intellectual property) as well as from the disruption or misdirection of the services they provide is perhaps the most critical technical need your organization may have.

Here are the cybersecurity solutions we specialize in:


Our IHP and IHP+ services are the most advanced host-based protection to date. We enable artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to stop malicious behavior, not just signatures that match the NO list. IHP+ looks for non-malicious exploits, which are executed by the most advanced hackers to use your system against yourself without you knowing it. LEARN MORE

Risk Assessments

Understanding what you need to protect first starts with understanding the risks involved with not protecting it or adding too much protection to something that has little value. conducting a risk assessment allows you to identify potential events that affect systems, people, or assets in a negative way based on the environment in which they reside.

Email Security

Most email providers provide a minimum level of SPAM protection. OSOM’s advanced Email Security and Filtering uses AI and Machine Learning to find not only unwelcomed email, but also malicious email attacks that target users and organizational structures.


Cyber attacks are becoming more advanced and complex and the government’s and industry’s reactions are to regulate those they can to strengthen infrastructures. HIPAA, PCI-DSS, NIST 800.X, FISMA, CMMC, GDPR, ISO, GLB, and SSAE are just a few prominent frameworks that are or will be enforced in the near future.

Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

If you’re not sure where you stand, Vulnerability and Penetration Testing allows the good guys to test just how strong you are or where you stand with regards to protecting your infrastructure. It essence, it’s similar to hiring a SWAT officer to see if he can get into your home or business.

Managed Security

Our security analysts monitor your Cyber Protection 24x7x365. Comprehensive cybersecurity is too complex and time consuming to do without a professional team. Whether it is your network or your individual machines, OSOM’s security teams and AI robots will provide the very best protection available in the market to keep your network safe and detect threats before damage is done. And, should a breach occur, OSOM Security will remediate the issue.

Secure Communications

We utilize secured remote access and some of the most advanced protections available to keep your communications untraceable and safe.

Keylock Password Manager

Our password manager allows you to access it everywhere, but still gives you the power and ability to respond to control your company’s cyber assets. You’re able to grant permissions to specific users for all your assets – local network or cloud – with high-complexity encrypted passwords that integrate directly into your browser or are supported through an app. Cut off access at any time or manage access from a single dashboard. Special keysets keep the passwords only known to you.