Intelligence, Privacy & Analytics

These days, detailed information is everywhere. It can be used for good purposes and bad. Our professionals can help you find what you need to know, protect what you want to keep private, and collect marketplace intelligence to assist in enhanced decision-making.

Here are the intelligence measures we specialize in:


Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering uses sources that are already public to learn about a person, company, group, or market that require greater insight. By using vast stores of public information and specialized tools to analyze them, we can provide intelligence than can give you an upper hand.

Privacy & Identity Management

Is privacy dead? It’s difficult to remain private and out of the clutches of the Internet, but there are methods and tools that can be used to keep you and your information private and out of the crosshairs of Big Tech, Big Brother, or radical extremists.

Proxy Transactions

Nearly all transactions are being tracked and logged. Need a trusted resource to protect your financial transactions from being public? With legal transactions, we can help with tools and methods to keep your transactions between you and your vendor.


Our team, consisting of prior law enforcement and intelligence analysts, will help you find the information you need. Licensed private investigators can provide critical intelligence to court cases and nefarious threats.


Need to be removed from the Internet? OSOM Security provides services that can remove the vast majority, if not completely remove, your identity from the public domain. Two levels of service provide basic removal of your identity from the Internet or, for VIPs, complete removal from public records.


Using advanced AI and Machine Learning, we can execute advanced analysis on large data sets to give you deep insight into the massive troves of data that exist in your organization. We can process large collections of data in seconds using advanced technology to detect patterns, locate images, or whatever you might be looking to do, in order to better understand a situation, helping you to make more-informed decisions.

Background Checks

Want to know the background of a new employee? Elevating an individual to a highly-trusted position? Our thorough background checks can give you the latest data on individuals by scouring all sources to deliver the intelligence you need to determine that person’s activity. Trust but verify.