Physical Security

We all know you’re only as strong as your weakest link. An organization’s cybersecurity is only as good as its physical security. You need to employ measures to protect your physical and human assets from unauthorized access, suspicious actions, and exploitable behaviors.

Here are the physical security measures we specialize in:

Surveillance Systems

Watch, record, and monitor your physical assets from anywhere in the world. We can provide monitoring services for you or you can run them yourselves. OSOM uses some of the most advanced video surveillance systems allowing high-resolution video, two-way audio, and thermal signatures to monitor your assets. It also makes a great QA and training tool.

Access Control

Need controlled physical access with logging? Access control systems allow you to use a proximity card, FOB or even mobile phone to access physical spaces. Coupled with badging, you can visibly identify the person to ensure the access matches with the individual who should have it. Control time of access, one- or two-way access, access at multiple locations, or one-time access managed from anywhere in the world easily and securely.

Glass Armoring

Glass is a wonderful material to allow visible access to the outside world. But when threats, unrest, or extreme weather is close, you want it to be a concrete wall. Tempered and security film-protected glass can keep you safe and save you money in energy costs, too. Glass Armoring is one of the most cost-effective security measures you can deploy to keep both your facilities, and those within them, safe.

Physical Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing

Your assets are valuable, so you need to understand your weaknesses in protecting them. Highly-trained security professionals will determine what and who might be a weakness for your facility and its protection.