Potential threats, both physical and digital, are ever-present. To reduce risk to yourself or your organization, it’s important to be trained properly. Well-trained professionals are highly sought-after in both private industry and the government for the security of individuals and organizations.

Here is the training we specialize in:

Firearms Instruction & Consulting

If you’re looking to purchase a firearm, it’s critical to learn how to use it properly. OSOM Security provides low-pressure classes and consulting on firearm selection, usage, and maintenance. Private groups and individual classes will allow you to have a comfortable environment to understand your power and ability to protect yourself, and those you care about, properly with a firearm.

Cybersecurity & Operational Security Training

Many cyber exploits are self-inflicted by unwitting computer users. Once proper protections are in place to protect the infrastructure, the weakest links are often the users themselves. We’ll help teach technology users throughout your enterprise about industry best practices, how to recognize attacks, how to properly handle sensitive information, and what to do to avoid being caught in a trap. Proper and ongoing education of your employees or team is one the best ways to reduce potentially-destructive incursions from attackers.

Harry Brooks – Partner, Conversion Pipeline

OSOM took the time to understand our training needs and provide very carefully planned sessions that took our preparedness to the next level.  Thank you for your expertise and support!